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THURS., JULY 22nd, 2021
FRI., JULY 23rd, 2021
SAT., JULY  24th, 2021
SUN., JULY 25th, 2021

\\Is there an entry fee?

The County Fair has a free gate for the general fair. You can see the animals, look at the exhibits, experience the music entertainment for free. Carnival rides and Grandstand Events (Tractor Pull, etc.) do have ticket prices.


\\Carnival Ride Tickets, Where do I get them?







\\What if I want to have a booth at the fair or be a food vendor?

Click Here for the information and paperwork that is needed if you would like to be vendor.


\\What if I want to participate in the Antique Tractor Pull?

Click here for further information.

\\Where is the Fair Premium Book?

Click here or check on the bottom of each website page. Hardcopies are also available from Perham Focus.


\\Who do I contact for a specific event?

Click here for the list of Events and their Contact information.


\\Where do I find the Open Class information?

Click here and I will direct you to the right spot.

\\How do I sign up for the Baby Contest?

Click here for official information. The Baby Contest is run by one of the vendors in the Exhibit Building. The EOT Ag Society is not directly involved with this contest but we have attached the information here since there are so many inquiries.



During the Fair please contact directly at
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With the expected heat - DO NOT bring your pets to the Fair. Any animals left in vehicles will be extracted by security at owners expense. This is for the safety of the animal. Service animals (with proper ID) are the only Non-exhibited animals allowed on the fairgrounds.

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